Top Chef Surprise Party!

In December, With Love Event Design hosted an amazing Top Chef Surprise Birthday Party. All of the guests had a blast participating, and fulfilling their secret desires to be in a reality show competition!

Location: Smoke House Catering’s kitchen and facilities
Occasion: Ron’s birthday celebration
The competition: The guests formed teams of two and wrote their team names on pre-made chef hats. After the guest of honor arrived, each team drew knives which revealed a number. This number corresponded to a specific prep station and style of food they would have to prepare. Upon the start of the challenge, the teams rushed to the fridge and found their pre-determined ingredients that they would then need to make into a tasty dish to present to the judges.

Here are a few pictures of the judges!

These are some of the dishes presented:

Four teams moved onto the second round- baking!

The final two teams moved on to the “blind taste test” round, and the winning team went home with a lavish gift basket!

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2 Responses to Top Chef Surprise Party!

  1. spicegirlfla says:

    Now that’s a birthday party I’d like to have! What a fun idea! Tho, I think my friends would just rather have me cook for them!

  2. That looks so fun! What a cool idea.

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